The Love Matters “Pleasure Portal” – An Immersive Experience on Sex and Sex Education

Audience Response – “Thank you all for making possible an evening where the shackles of project management and siloed thinking that dogs so much development work were removed.

It was such an interesting journey – vivid, varied and unpredictable. In forty years of development teaching and practice I’ve never had such an experience within development work, though I’ve seen a lot of different approaches in different countries. This felt unique.

It spoke to the senses, to the heart and also to the mind. It opened up the imagination and broke down siloes that often dog our thinking. I felt renewed hope and energy in a sector that often feels to me so bound by rules and regulations and ways of thinking that limit us.

The bringing together of activists, actors, media and events people led to a great mix of talent, content and communication. I often feel jaded by the closing down of spaces for thinking and speaking differently in development work but this gave me real hope for new ways of working and reaching out on such important issues.”

Client Response – “The experience we created with the “Love Matters Pleasure Portal” was vivid, daring and provocative. Feedback from those who participated has been incredibly positive, with people excited about how it spoke ‘to the senses, to the heart and also the mind’, bringing renewed hope and energy to the development sector. This coming together of theatre, academia, activism and story would not have been possible without the unwavering enthusiasm and dexterity of Dom Le Moignan, which allowed us to effectively engage our guests in alternative approaches to sexual reproductive health and rights. Hannah Wallace Bowman, Creative Director, Love Matters