What people thought?

“Five Stars – Yet another triumph!… Immersive theatre will never be the same ” Broadway Baby – Richard Beck 

“I absolutely loved it, can’t say more than that! one of the most unique drinking experiences you will ever have.” Andy Gemmell – Herald Scotland

“ * * * * * – A fantastic experience…..I could have stayed on the bus all night” Time Out  

“It spoke to the senses, to the heart and also to the mind.” Love Matters

“The event was more than ourselves and our customers could have ever imagined or asked for” The Oval Space

“Consumers left feeling mentally stimulated and sensually reinvigorated but also with an unwavering affinity for the Hendrick’s brand” Hendricks Global Ambassador – Ally Martin

The Last Night of the Caledonia Club – 1952 New Orleans Experience

For our blank space converted warehouse, The Pickle Factory, Shoreditch, we wanted to take advantage of the corporate business during the Holiday season and create an immersive experience that our clients could buy in to for their annual celebrations. We decided on creating a 1950s New Orleans Jazz Club but this was not an undertaking we could handle on our own. We hired Queen Mab to produce the event from start to finish, and they flawlessly created a world for us that embodied everything from the food, drinks, smells, sounds, feels, etc of old school New Orleans.

The event was called “The Closing Night at the Caledonia Club” and all staff, were fully in character, serving guests, dancing, performing, dressed to the part, all in costume and with the appropriate N’Orleans accent. Our white walled venue was transformed into a smokey, lavish speakeasy. The event was more than ourselves and our customers could have ever imagined or asked for thanks to Queen Mab’s work. Queen Mab were such a creative, professional, and genuine team to work with, and all of our clients left raving about what a “one of a kind experience” we had created for them.

Jamila Brown, Event Sales and Marketing Manager, Oval Space and Pickle Factory

Once Upon a Time in the Circus – Dark Circus Immersive Experience

“Queen Mab offer extremely high calibre and exceptionally skilled performers. Queen Mab always bring a bit of magic to events which is why BELL Events continue to book them wherever possible. Whether you need stunning Cyr wheel performers to dazzle your guests, interactive acrobats or stilts walkers to fit your theme or just something a little bit more creative, they’ll be sure to deliver.”

Sara Templeman, Creative Director of BELL Events

Hendrick’s Emporium of Sensorial Submersion

“Our working relationship with Queen Mab was taken to new heights in the summer of 2015 when we unleashed the Hendrick’s Emporium of Sensorial Submersion (HESS) to patrons of Edinburgh Fringe. For a brand with a reputation for engaging its consumers with delightfully peculiar shenanigans and rich personal interaction, Queen Mab worked tirelessly in taking a complex story concept and ever-evolving script to provide a strong thread that captivated visitors to HESS and ensured consistent 5* reviews. Their understanding of audience reactions and communication of brand messaging ensured ‘patients’ at the experience left singing praises and spreading the good word about Hendrick’s in a way few other brand activities can manage.”

Rory Steel, CEO, Steelyfox

The Love Matters “Pleasure Portal” – An Immersive Experience on Sex and Sex Education

Audience Response – “Thank you all for making possible an evening where the shackles of project management and siloed thinking that dogs so much development work were removed.

It was such an interesting journey – vivid, varied and unpredictable. In forty years of development teaching and practice I’ve never had such an experience within development work, though I’ve seen a lot of different approaches in different countries. This felt unique.

It spoke to the senses, to the heart and also to the mind. It opened up the imagination and broke down siloes that often dog our thinking. I felt renewed hope and energy in a sector that often feels to me so bound by rules and regulations and ways of thinking that limit us.

The bringing together of activists, actors, media and events people led to a great mix of talent, content and communication. I often feel jaded by the closing down of spaces for thinking and speaking differently in development work but this gave me real hope for new ways of working and reaching out on such important issues.”

Client Response – “The experience we created with the “Love Matters Pleasure Portal” was vivid, daring and provocative. Feedback from those who participated has been incredibly positive, with people excited about how it spoke ‘to the senses, to the heart and also the mind’, bringing renewed hope and energy to the development sector. This coming together of theatre, academia, activism and story would not have been possible without the unwavering enthusiasm and dexterity of Dom Le Moignan, which allowed us to effectively engage our guests in alternative approaches to sexual reproductive health and rights. Hannah Wallace Bowman, Creative Director, Love Matters

The Hendricks Extraordinary Roving Bus of Exceptionally Refined Travel

“The experience we created and the success in which it was received was a testament to the hard work and creative abilities of Dom and his talented team. The brief they were given was to create a vivid experience in which consumers could leave the monotony of the daily commute behind aboard a large cucumber bus, H.E.R.B.E.R.T. The team analysed the brief in an exceptionally creative manner engendering an exceptional experience for consumers while, crucially, immersing them within the unusual world of Hendrick’s Gin. While creativity was always at the forefront there was also an extreme focus placed upon the role of the brand within the experience so consumers left feeling mentally stimulated and sensually reinvigorated but also with an unwavering affinity for the Hendrick’s brand. This kind of subtle, yet hugely memorable branded experience simply would not have been possible without the skills and determination of Dom Le Moignan”. Ally Martin, UK Ambassador of Hendricks Gin